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NewPerspective Women's Sober Living Tampa
NewPerspective Women's Sober Living Tampa Living Room

Welcome To The Next Step Of  Your Recovery

Located in the heart of South Tampa, our women’s sober living and recovery home provides a positive environment for women to begin their journey in recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.


Our Vision is to create a new image within our local community, in order to break free from the negative stigmas surrounding sober living. Our aim is to create a community within that promotes personal growth by providing a safe place to heal, strengthen and support one another. By doing so, we are able to give women in recovery the opportunity to show not only our community but also the world that we do recover.

NewPerspective Women's Sober Living Tampa Kitchen

Our Property

Located in safe and scenic Hyde Park, our women's sober living home is within walking distance of the best recovery meetings and attractions Tampa Bay has to offer.

sobr living

Weekly Therapy Sessions


We have a licensed therapist on staff to offer free weekly sessions to help support and address the fears, trauma, and barriers associated with addiction.

Meeting Transportation


Free transportation is offered to residents to attend local recovery group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.


Our home is run by women that are in recovery themselves, and who understand the unique challenges that women in recovery face.

Comprehensive Approach

We offer a range of support to help residents stay engaged and motivated in their recovery. This includes support groups, therapy sessions, and recreational activities.

We Do Sober Living Different.

Luxurious Amenities


Stunning landscaping, truly modern appliances, quality wooden floors, and a TV in every bedroom.

Picturesque Neighborhood


Located in the heart of beautiful South Tampa, we're just a stroll away from meetings, shopping, and fellowship.


Why Choose NewPerspective
Women's Sober Living Tampa?

Our mission is to provide a safe, sober, and supportive sober living environment that promotes long-term recovery and helps our residents build the skills and confidence they need to live independently.

At NewPerspective, we understand that recovery is a journey, and we are here to support our residents every step of the way.


Our sober living community is built on the principles of mutual support, accountability, and respect, and we offer a range of recovery-focused activities and resources to help our women maintain sobriety and build fulfilling, sober lives.

Our sober living home is conveniently located in the heart of Tampa, close to public transportation, shopping, and recreational amenities.


We offer comfortable and affordable shared living arrangements, as well as a range of amenities and services to help our residents thrive in recovery.

Take the next step in your journey.

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