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Our Mission

Empowering women in recovery to live a fulfilling life, free from addiction and its consequences.

NewPerspective Women's Sober Living Tampa

"Our mission is to give back what was given to us in our recovery, a new start in life. So many women struggle with starting over and need a second chance to build a new life and redefine themselves. We offer that opportunity to women seeking a new way of life.


Often, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. We provide a clean, safe, and structured sober environment in the beautiful Historic Hyde Park district offering modern living with all the amenities that residents would need to build a better life while learning to live a sober lifestyle: free from the use of alcohol and other drugs. We have a licensed therapist on staff who offers free weekly therapy sessions to help support and address the fears, trauma, and barriers associated with addiction.


Our homes are in an ideal location, They are within walking distance of Bayshore Blvd, numerous small businesses providing employment opportunities, and public transportation routes. We are minutes from local shopping centers, grocery stores, and 12-step meetings: both AA and NA groups. Our locations provide our members an opportunity to continue to participate as an active member in the community while living in a safe, sober home that will help ensure lasting recovery and sobriety.


All women in early recovery can recover from the chronic disease of addiction, when provided the opportunity to build a strong foundation, support network, and gain the tools/resources necessary to grow in all areas of their life: physical health, emotional/mental health, spirituality, personal and professional.


At NewPerspective our goal is to provide the tools, skills, and resources needed to set our residents up for success."

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